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Explaining facts and figures is describing or explaining data that contains facts (an event/object) and figures (value) that is implied in the nonverbal form, such as graph or chart, table, diagram, sketch, etc.

2.Expressions to Show Facts and Figures
«The ratio 1 to 7 means …
«The total number reflects …
«Let me show you this graph about …
«This diagram shows our sales by market area.
«Sales reach a peak in October.
«They buy three quarters of our production.
«It was 10% two years ago.
«Production has increased five percent.
«Prices have been stable for years.
«Profit has increased slightly / dramatically / 10% …
«The graph shows our sales for the last two years.
5.Fractions and Percentages
•¼  : a quarter
•1 ½  : one and a half
•¾  : three quarter
•3/8  : three eight
•1/3  : a third / one third
•2%  : two percent
•18.5%  : eighteen point five percent
•0.4%  : zero point four percent

Due to and because of are phrases used in sentence to show cause-effect relationship.Examples:




Giving invitation is an expression that is disclosed when there is someone who wants to ask other persons to come to a place or when there is someone who asks others to do something for him/her.

2.Expressions and Responses of Inviting
3.Dialogue Invitation

Arif  : Hi, Tika.

Tika  : Hi, Arif. What’s up friend?

Arif  : Hmmm, are you doing anything for next week?

Tika  : Nothing. Why?

Arif  : Hmm, like you know, next week we will have summer vacation to

Bali and I think that I need you to be my date. Would you mind to come along with me?

Tika  : Really? I’d love it so much.

Arif  : Well, I will pick you at 7 a.m next week at school.

Tika  : OK. Thanks Arif.

Arif  : You’re welcome. Bye Tika and see you next week.

Tika  : See you, too. Bye-bye.


•The word used to refer to a definite time in the past.
Used to is used for showing habit in the past time.


I used to go to the movies a lot.

Used to is used for regular actions or events in the past that no longer happen.


I used to play badminton twice a week, but now I only play once a month.

Example in dialogue

Tika  : Do you play tennis?

Risky  : I used to play a lot, but I haven’t played for years.

Tika  : Do you enjoy playing?

Rizky  : Very much. But I never have time.

Tika  : Are you very good?

Rizky  : I used to be OK.

Tika  : Would you like a game?

Risky  : Of course.

Tika  : When can you get away?

Risky  : How about Friday, after work?

Tika  : That would suit me.

Risky  : Do you know where we can play?

Tika  : There are courts at our gym. I’ll reserve one.

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